FAQ Topics

  My box is not working. What are the steps I can take prior to calling a Wireless ATM Store technician?
  What is the difference between the SL-500 and SL-08-P models?
  What wireless carriers do you currently offer?
  Does it matter where I put the antenna?
  Do I plug the Cat 5 cable in to the WAN/LAN or the LAN? Ethernet 1 or 2?
  I have an extra unit that is been powered off for a few months but I am now ready to deploy it. Is it plug-and-play or does it have to do a series of updates prior to deployment?
  What is Checkurbox?
  What is the Power Cycler?
  What does the Wireless Booster Kit actually do?
  Is it possible to put two ATMs on one wireless device for mobile events or conventions?
  Do I need to order RMS for access to the device monitoring portal?
  Are there financing options available for purchasing wireless units?