Have you ever driven out to a service call just to find that you could fix whatever issue ignited the situation with a power cycle? You probably wasted gas, time, and patience. Let us help relieve the frustration with our exclusive ATM power cycling solution. Rightfully dubbed “The Power Cycler”, our latest companion hardware to the industry’s lowest cost wireless solution is a low cost device which will stop power flowing to any device plugged into it, and then resume it quickly 3-5 seconds thereafter.

The Power Cycler plugs into a power source and connects via Cat5 to the second Ethernet port of any SL product provided by Wireless ATM Store. Simply plug your ATM into The Power Cycler and you can remotely restart the terminal in a second’s notice. Through our web monitoring portal, CheckUrBox.com, you can execute the “Restart ATM” function, which will send a signal through the wireless box to The Power Cycler, cutting off power for a brief 3-5 seconds, and then resuming it.

There are no additional monthly charges for either the device portal or The Power Cycler. Once you purchase it, it is yours, and you are free to operate it as often as necessary for your business’s needs. It is a great alternative for any location that cannot have this solution easily replicated by on-location staff. The instillation is easy and the functionality is even simpler. If you have ever asked yourself “Why did I drive all the way out here for that,” The Power Cycler may be worth considering!