When it comes to communications in the ATM industry, 24/7 insight on your ATM’s ability to successfully reach your processor is essential.  Far too often, we hear stories about operators left high and dry to find out hours or even days later that the internet or phone line provided by their merchants has been turned off or disconnected.  Hence, the sales of wireless modems in the ATM industry has grown exponentially in recent years.  With your ATM’s connectivity at your fingertips and removed from the merchant’s control, you are able to utilize super-fast and highly secure communications that you can count on.  Even still, why should it stop there?  Why not also provide real-time knowledge and statistics about your wireless modems?

Wireless ATM Store recently created that solution. In response to that understandably imperative customer need, we developed a state-of-the-art, user-friendly device monitoring portal called The best part - it is being offered FREE of charge.  All wireless units being billed to a customer on our unbeatable $4.95 monthly service plan are automatically uploaded to that specific customer’s unique password-protected CheckUrBox account.  Not only can you manage your wireless portfolio by filling in the locations and TID’s associated with all of your units, but you can go one step further and interact with your units.  The most important function, the “Ping” button, immediately informs you that your unit is currently online.  From there, you can also reboot your wireless unit if needed and also see real-time device statistics such as signal strength, up-time, and last contact date.

Here at Wireless ATM Store we understand our customers’ needs. was built for no other reason but to give our customers the ability to easily organize and manage their wireless fleet – 24/7! If you do not currently have a username and password for, send over a quick e-mail to to request your log-in credentials. If you already have a username and password, sign in here!

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