Why Become a Partner?

In order to view the products for sale on the ATM Partner side of our website, you must apply to become a Partner. Once you are approved as a Partner, you will have full access to both Wireless ATM Store (wireless products and accessories) and ATM Partner (ATMs, accessories and software). 

If you are currently registered on this website as a Wireless ATM Store customer only (not an approved Partner), please click the "Existing Wireless Customer" button below and submit the digital request to become a Partner. 

If you have not registered a profile on this website at all, please click the "New Customer" button below, which will bring you to the "Create Account" page. On this page, you can create your profile and check the appropriate box to submit an approval request for ATM Partner. Upon completing the "Create Account" page, your profile will be active but you will only have access to the Wireless ATM Store side of the website until you are approved as a Partner.

Please allow 1-2 business days from either of the submissions mentioned above for your request to be approved.